Conference Resource Center, LLC is a full service meeting & conference planning company.  We offer valuable and efficient services to corporate, association and government clients responsible for off-site meetings and conferences both domestically & internationally.

CRC specialties are:
  • Site & Destination Research
  • Site Selection
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Pre-Conference Planning
  • Food & Beverage Coordination
  • On-site Management
  • Tradeshow Management
  • On Line Registration
  • Air & Ground Transportation
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Supplier / Vendor Resources
  • Nametags / Signage / Promotional Materials

Working with Conference Resource Center, LLC is very simple. We will…

  • Build an Electronic RFP (Request For Proposal) that outlines the specific needs of your meeting/conference along with specific questions whose answers will better assist you in the decision process.
  • Research our database to identify properties in the destinations you request that meet your requirements.
  • Make initial contact with those properties by sending them our Electronic RFP.
  • Gather all hotel responses and put them in an easy to read and understand Excel Spreadsheet designed specifically for your program.
    1. Included are Individual Hotel Pages on each property that responded with availability
    2. Includes detailed information on each property along with a hyperlink to their specific web page & a map of their location.
    3. The Excel Spreadsheet will also include a Cost Summary page comparing Total Cost at each hotel, and a Price Comparison page that will compare line items at all hotels.  This is a valuable tool to be used during negotiations as well as a tool to be used as a working budget throughout the planning and on-site stages of the program.
  • Review of our Excel Spreadsheet with you to ensure full understanding of its information and how to best utilize it.
  • Discuss pros and cons of each property included on the spreadsheet.  Based upon the initial guidelines you provided, we are happy to make qualified recommendations on which properties are best suited for your program and which properties offer the best value.
  • At your request, we will ask for hotel proposals from the hotels you choose and they will be made out to you and sent directly to you along with a full hotel sales kit.
  • During this process, hoteliers know not to contact you directly unless given the ok by us.  This again saves you time from having to answer all those calls from hoteliers wanting an update on your program. Please know that you as a client always have the right to contact the hotels whenever you choose to without our permission.
  • We will also assist in arranging Site Inspections of properties under final consideration.  Should you be considering several properties we are very good at coordinating a schedule for you and making all of the arrangements with the hotels.
  • Once you have decided on a property and at your request, we will assist with rate negotiation, concessions, meeting room rental, suite requirements, upgrades, staff accommodations etc.
  • In addition, we will review deposit schedules, cut-off dates, rooming list requirements, attrition and cancellation clauses as well as other contract inclusions that may need to be reworked to be in everyone’s best interest.
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