Frequently Asked Questions

How is Conference Resource Center, LLC paid?

Our Site Selection service is provided at No Cost to our clients. CRC is compensated with a Placement Fee in the form of a commission on guestroom revenue that is paid to us directly by the hotel/resort our client(s) choose to contract with. We do offer an array of other ala carte services at a nominal fee. Contact CRC to learn more

Does it cost my organization more to utilize CRC services than if I go direct to the hotel?

NO. CRC is recognized as an extension of a hotel sales department without the overhead costs associated with being an employee. We spend time with our clients getting to know the nature of their business and their meeting and conference demographics. CRC’s Request For Proposals are very detailed allowing hoteliers to immediately respond to leads offering availability and competitive pricing. CRC saves clients Time & Money. The benefit to hotels is that CRC also saves the hotel sales staff tremendous amounts of time which saves the hotel Time & Money too. Contact CRC to learn more

Will I need to contract or retain Conference Resource Center, LLC for services?

NO. Our Site Selection service is provided at No Cost to you. There are no contracts to sign for CRC’s site selection services! This eliminates unnecessary paperwork and adds flexibility to your decision process. CRC’s success is built on customer satisfaction. Client expectations are exceeded with every program. We’ve earned “our” client’s business as well as their referrals. Contact CRC to learn more

Do I call CRC whenever I have a meeting to schedule? Even on short notice? Even with a small program? Any location?

YES! YES! YES! YES! Whether you have a program to plan next week, next month or next year CRC is at your service.  Whether your program is around the corner from your office, across the country or around the world, Conference Resource Center, LLC is here to work with you on your behalf to make that happen! Contact CRC to learn more

How do I work with Conference Resource Center, LLC?

CRC does not consume a planner's program. CRC’s role identifies the venue, provides financial analysis, secures the best possible terms, assures contracts are properly executed and then we move aside so the planner can concentrate on developing and implementing their program. The planner continues to sign all contracts, handle deposits, conduct site inspections and remain the primary contact with the hotel. Contact CRC to learn more

What differentiates Conference Resource Center, LLC from meeting planning or incentive companies?

The primary difference is that we do not actively take over a planner's program - the planner signs all contracts, handles deposits, conducts site inspections and remains the primary contact as far as the hotel is concerned. Our role is to identify the venue, secure the best possible terms, make sure contracts are properly executed and then get out of the way so the planner can run his or her program. Contact CRC to learn more

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